Today, Trek announced its newest electric mountain bike, the Trek Marlin+. Not only is it an interesting electric hardtail MTB in its own right, but it also offers one of the most affordable Bosch-powered mid-drives on the market.

The Marlin+ carries over much of what Trek fans have long loved about the non-electric Marlin, including its 120mm front suspension, 2.6″ tires, and either 27.5″ wheels (on frame sizes Small and Extra Small) or 29″ wheels (on frame sizes Medium and up).

But it’s what makes this bike different from the acoustic Marlin that is causing all the commotion today. Namely, that’s a Bosch e-bike drive system consisting of the Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive motor, a Bosch CompactTube 400 battery, and a Bosch Purion display.

The motor puts out a respectable but not overly aggressive 50 Nm of torque, which is enough to help flatten out hills but will still keep you honest, putting in your own muscle to help. The 400 Wh battery is fully encased, meaning it’s lighter and helps the bike be more efficient, but can’t be removed for charging. That is done on the bike via a connector just above the motor.

For those that want even more range, a 250Wh auxiliary battery can be added, boosting another 60% more range into a riding day.

The real kicker though is the price, with Trek starting the Marlin+ at just US $2,699. That makes it not only one of the most affordable Trek e-bikes but also one of the most affordable Bosch-powered eMTBs on the market.

Electrek’s Take

Yes, it’s Bosch’s entry-level motor. And yes, it’s a relatively small battery. And yes, it’s a hardtail. But it’s still a Bosch-powered Trek, meaning you’re getting the benefits of a major drive maker and a major bike maker, all in one. That means leading warranty and support, as well as local bike shops to not only test drive, but return to when you need service.

It’s a respectable eMTB by itself, and hardtails have been the mainstay of mountain biking for years. When front suspension first came out, some diehard mountain bikers even considered it heresy.

So this seems like a great way to get yourself a Bosch-powered eMTB from a reputable brand without sinking $4-5k into it.

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