MOD BIKES, the Austin, Texas-based maker of a wide range of electric bikes (including an impressive sidecar electric bike that I tested last year), is announcing today its 2024 lineup full of new models and impressive upgrades. In an unveiling at the South By Southwest Expo, the new e-bike models are taking center stage to show off their new features and tech, including upgraded performance, components, safety equipment, and accessories.

The new 2024 lineup includes updates to many of MOD BIKES’ existing models, such as its cargo e-bike, folding city e-bike, and commuter-ready Berlin e-bike, as well as new models like a full-suspension MOD Black adventure e-bike for off-road excursions.

The standout feature added across MOD’s new 2024 lineup is the inclusion of a new torque sensor, which marks a major upgrade over the previous cadence sensor-based pedal assist. While all of the e-bikes also feature hand throttles for powered riding without pedaling, the torque sensor makes pedaling the bikes much more natural feeling. The intuitive control method means that motor power is applied proportionally to how hard the pedals are pressed, resulting in a riding experience where the e-bike feels more like an extension of the rider’s own body.

The new 2024 e-bikes also come with UL-certified 720Wh e-bike batteries. The 48V 15Ah Samsung batteries are said to be capable of up to 50 miles (80 km) of range per charge on pedal assist, though throttle operation and riding at higher speeds will reduce that range.

A new color LCD screen includes the release of five new pedal assist levels designed for different types of riding experiences. The modes of Fit, Eco, Cargo, Sport, and Turbo adjust various parameters such as power and efficiency, offering everything from a fitness-style ride to a full-power cruise. All of MOD BIKES’ models include 750W rear hub motors, providing plenty of power in those higher-performance riding modes.

The bikes can hit 28 mph (45 km/h) on pedal assist or 20 mph (32 km/h) on throttle, allowing for Class 2 or Class 3 operations. However, a new off-road mode can be activated that removes the limits and permits throttle operation at higher speeds, which can be suitable for riders on private property who want to get the most performance out of the e-bike.

All of MOD BIKES’ new models also come with the company’s Snap-On accessory integration, which allows for various racks, baskets, bags, and other items to be quickly and easily mounted onto the bikes. The wide range of accessories will enable riders to carry additional cargo or even other passengers, all with easy installation.

The dual battery design of the bikes makes it easy to add a second battery to double the range up to 100 miles (160 km) on pedal assist. The bikes are wired to intelligently use the batteries by switching from one battery to the next when necessary.

In a “one more thing” styled announcement, the company also shared a new partnership with Lumos, makers of a smart cycling helmet with built-in wirelessly-controlled LED lighting.

The Lumos helmets pair with the MOD BIKES’ controllers, allowing riders to turn on and off the LED lighting on the helmet directly from the bikes’ handlebars. The helmet’s turn signals can also be activated by the bike’s turn signal buttons, giving drivers behind the bike an early warning about the rider’s braking or turning intentions. The helmet’s intelligent design also powers off the lights as soon as the bike turns off, saving charge as well.

Electrek is on-site at the SXSW event to see the unveiling and test the new e-bike models. We’ll be sure to update with more on our experience with the bikes first hand after the unveiling.

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