Lectric Ebikes, the Phoenix-based electric bicycle company known for the best-selling e-bike in the US, has just opened order books for its latest model. The new Lectric XPeak is the brand’s first non-20″ tire e-bike, ushering a big new look for the company that maintains the same low-level pricing.

If there’s one thing Lectric Ebikes is known for, it’s shoveling value on top of value in the US e-bike market. Several mid-tier and high-end brands consistently offer more features and fancier production methods, but Lectric has consistently focused on keeping prices reasonable without cutting too many quality corners. These aren’t the most high-end e-bikes, but they aren’t the junk you’ll find at Walmart.

And the new Lectric XPeak follows that same design ethos, though perhaps ratcheting up the quality another notch this time. That’s due in large part thanks to Lectric’s insistence on performing more than the required safety testing to rate the bike to ISO M4210-10, a standard we usually see on much higher-end electric mountain bikes.

Despite that meaning the Lectric had to use higher quality parts this time, including a more robust suspension fork that retails for around US $400, the Lectric XPeak is priced at a more than reasonable US $1,299, marked down at launch from its MSRP of US $1,399.

For that price, look at all you get on this e-bike. The motor is a 750W continuous-rated rear hub motor that puts out over 1,300W of peak power. Lectric Ebikes also claims the motor is 400% quieter than its previous 750W motors. That’s pretty impressive, considering it’s powerful enough to launch the e-bike up to 28 mph (45 km/h). For those that prefer Class 2 operation, the bike comes programmed with a 20 mph (32 km/h) speed limit out of the box, though riders can unlock the higher speed operation using the bike’s display.

The 48V battery has a 14Ah capacity for 672 Wh, and is UL-certified for extra safety. The bike includes a high-end adjustable RST suspension fork, hydraulic disc brakes on 180 mm rotors, quick-release pedals for more convenient transport in a vehicle, thru-axle front wheel for a stronger connection, LED headlight and tail light, and frame integrated cable routing for a cleaner look.

The launch package for the Lectric XPeak also includes a huge amount of accessories for free. Customers get a free front and rear rack, a pair of baskets for each rack, a fender set, an upgraded “premium” headlight, and a folding lock. While I normally like to see parts like racks and fenders included as standard equipment, in this case Lectric throws them into the launch package to ensure pre-order customers are set up with all of the important accessories right off the bat. The company also has more winter-focused accessories coming such as bar-mitts, thermal sleeve for the battery, and studded tires for riding on ice and snow. That’s good to know, since deliveries for pre-order customers are expected to arrive in January.

The bike comes in two frame options: a step-over that is available in black or a step-through that is available in white.

They’ll ship nearly fully assembled to make it easy to get riding as soon as possible. Lectric describes the at-home assembly process for the XPeak as a 1-minute tool-free assembly, likely meaning you’ll open the box, pop the quick-release pedals and front wheel on, and get riding. For just US $1,299, it’s hard to ask for more than that!

Electrek’s Take

It’s fun to see Lectric Ebikes applying its same time-honored strategy to a new segment of electric bikes. Now expanding into larger models like this adventure-style bike, the company still focuses on high-value offerings.

Budget-friendly models like the Lectric XPeak make sustainable and efficient transportation accessible to students, daily commuters, and anyone interested in adopting a healthier lifestyle through active commuting.

I think it’s important to have a robust market full of several low-cost models that provide an affordable entry point into the e-biking community. These e-bikes help break down socioeconomic barriers to green transportation, promoting a more inclusive and environmentally conscious society.

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