The Phoenix-based electric bike brand Lectric Ebikes is known for rolling out some of the best bang-for-your-buck electric bicycles in the US. Time after time, the company has entered new markets and broken ground with high-performing, low-cost e-bikes that send the competition into panic. And the $1,299 Lectric XPeak might just be the best example of that high-value game plan yet.

The Lectric XPeak falls into the category commonly referred to as “adventure-style bikes”, which basically means they have massive tires and an off-road design, but aren’t mountain bikes.

The most common form for this category is the standard hardtail 26″ fat tire bike, and that’s exactly what the Lectric XPeak offers.

So then what makes it so special? Basically, it offers better parts than other companies at a price several hundred dollars lower. It’s a better bike for less money, and I’m of the opinion that it’s one of the only bikes worth looking at in this budget adventure category anymore.

If you want higher quality, there are always going to be fancier brand-name bikes out there. But if you have two goals of getting off-road and saving money, the Lectric XPeak is basically the answer.

The Lectric XPeak is a better experience, period.

From the moment you mount the Letric XPeak and start your first ride, you’ll realize how much better this bike is.

Despite using a cadence sensor for pedal assist, like all budget fat tire electric bikes, the company’s power-based pedal assist system makes the ride surprisingly smooth. Sure, there’s a little bit of cadence sensor lag when you start spinning the pedals, but it’s just not very noticeable by comparison.

The ride is comfortable thanks to that 80mm travel Renegade RST front fork. That’s a fork that has no business being on a bike like this – it’s just too nice. But there it is.

I was worried how I would feel about the paddle thumb throttle, but I even found that to be surprisingly comfortable, too. It’s much better than an up-and-down rotary thumb throttle, though nothing is going to make me stop missing the industry standard and always perfect half-twist throttle, which rightfully reigns supreme as the king of all throttle designs.

The 750W rear motor actually has a peak power of 1,310W, and is there to offer up to 28 mph (45 km/h) of pedaling speed with 85 Nm of torque, and the large front chain ring means that you can actually pedal that fast without spinning your legs like a power drill. Plus, the gripping alloy pedals bite into your shoes nicely for strong contact, ensuring you aren’t slipping off the tiny little nubs on the cheap plastic pedals so many bikes come with these days.

That big ol’ rear rack offers plenty of real estate for hauling cargo and other gear around, plus you get fenders included instead of some annoying add-on accessory.

For range, the bike gets a 48V 14Ah battery with 672 Wh of capacity. Range will of course vary depending on conditions, but up to 55 miles (88 km) of range is possible on low-power pedal assist. Just be careful letting it rip in full power motor at top speed, as you could watch your range plummet into the 12-20 mile (20-32 km) window.

Are there sacrifices?

Yes, of course there will be a few areas where sacrifices were made to keep costs down.

You’re looking at Chaoyang tires instead of anything fancier, but that’s fine by me. I don’t need Maxxis tires to show off at the trailhead. I don’t care if the other guy’s tires cost as much as my whole bike. I’m out here to ride, not compete.

lectric xpeak

So sure, sacrifices will always have to be made on budget-level bikes to keep the price reasonable. But that’s sort of the amazing thing here, that there just aren’t that many sacrifices being made. You even still get hydraulic disc brakes on 180 mm rotors and a telescoping seat post to fit a wider range of axles.

Then there’s that thru-axle front wheel, the eMTB safety certifications that so many adventure-style electric bikes lack, and the full surround LED lighting.

Consider that the bike comes in both a step-over and a step-thru, and you’re looking at a lot of value in just one e-bike here.

But then again, that’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from Lectric Ebikes, the same company that brought us the XP line of folding e-bikes that shook up the e-bike industry with fair pricing that more riders than ever could finally afford.

And at just $1,299, the Lectric XPeak is a two-thumb-up-buy!

lectric xpeak

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