Cyclists in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh are angry at the placement of portaloos along a cycle lane at North Meadow Walk.

The portaloos have been put in place to cope with the large crowds expected to visit St. Giles Cathedral so they can see the Queen’s coffin as it lies in rest as well as seeing the King and other Royal Family members.

Retired professor, surgeon and local cyclist Chris Oliver has voiced his frustration. He told road.cc that there are “50 portoloos, all with doors opening onto the cycle path.

“You won’t know if there is a cyclist or pedestrian outside the loo door when you open it. Significant injury to a pedestrian or cyclists will occur.”

The facilities are lined up on the grass with the doors opening onto the path to provide a solid surface to walk on but instead of putting the portaloos on the pedestrian side, the doors open straight onto the cycle lane side instead.

They are lined up there as it is a relatively short walk from the Royal Mile, where St. Giles Cathedral sits.

The cycle lane sits on the National Cycle Route 75 and is a well used lane in the city as a way to avoid busy roads close to the city centre.

We asked Mr. Oliver what he thought The City of Edinburgh Council should have done.

“They should have placed the portaloos back from the cycle path with a dedicated pathway, not on muddy grassland,” he said. 

“There are too many instances when cyclists’ pathways are ignored when roadworks occur. This is just another example of cyclists being ignored. 

“Someone will definitely get injured if the cycle path is not closed. Especially as it gets dark. 

“I don’t know if the cycle path has been closed today. If not, a significant accident will occur.”

The Queen’s coffin will remain in the cathedral until 3pm tomorrow when the Queen’s journey to Buckingham Palace and later Westminster Hall will begin.

road.cc has contacted The City of Edinburgh Council for comment. 


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